Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault

Bill C-10 or “An Act to amend the Broadcasting Act” was first introduced in parliament by the Minister of Canadian Heritage, Steven Guilbeault. The purpose of the bill, according to Camille Gagné-Raynauld the spokesperson for the heritage minister, is to ensure that online giants contribute to the “creation, production and…

Each election cycle, the public is treated to a slew of election polling. Conducted by a myriad of organizations, these polls attempt to represent public opinion regarding specific issues. Increasingly however, there has been a politicization of polls which have been placed in the same basket of “fake news”.


Flag of Hong Kong (Left) Flag of China (Right)

Often referred to as “one country, two systems”, Hong Kong was officially returned to China by the United Kingdom in 1997 (after the expiration of a 99 year lease signed in 1898). Since then, Hong Kong has been in a constant state of long term political uncertainty with ebbs and…

Abhinav Dholepat

I write on economics, history and data science.

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