Why Canada’s growing debt is a concern

What is National Debt? How does it work?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland holding the 2021 Canadian Federal Budget

It is a slippery-slope to restricting free speech

Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault

Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Economic Conditions Have Transformed The Nature Of The Free Market

Short Term Benefit — Long Term Costs

Justice Ginsburg Official Portrait 2016

Using Only A Couple Line Of Code

Importing Matplotlib

import matplotlib as mpl 
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

Using Brexit Poll Data To Predict The Referendum Result

Show The Data-frame of Brexit Polls

Or Risk Being Taken Advantage Of and Alienated In Political Representation

Gallup Poll Results

Make Your Basic (and later complex) Calculations Easy

As Western Politicians Find Themselves Dealing With COVID — 19

Flag of Hong Kong (Left) Flag of China (Right)

Abhinav Dholepat

I write on economics, history and data science.

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