Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign Is About To End

Abhinav Dholepat
4 min readMar 3, 2020
Warren Announcing her campaign for the Presidency

Elizabeth Warren began her campaign with the energy and support of a potential front runner. With the issues surrounding her Native American heritage claims and the disproportion attention it had garnered behind her, she launched her campaign for the Democratic Nomination and the Presidency. Ideologically she positioned herself between Bernie Sanders and the centrist candidates. In terms of messaging she presented herself as a hard working, mother of two who had to struggle and earn (both monetarily and otherwise) her way up to being a United States Senator.

Initially this all worked. Her saying, “I have a plan for that” popularised her and her campaign — it even achieved the pop culture ‘Meme Status’. At the end of 2019, she even had around $25 million cash on hand, second only to Bernie Sanders among the non-billionaire candidates. She performed brilliantly in the debates by effectively positioning herself as the most ready and the most prepared amongst the candidates. Her personal story and connection through voters with ‘selfie lines’ created a strong base of support for her. However, by mid November, due to a combination of Bernie Sanders raise in popularity and Warren’s campaign stalling in their messaging and organizing, she slipped in the National polls to third place.

Warren and Buttigieg during the December Democratic debate

This started the steady decline of her campaign. Three instances of backfired moments occurred in the debate stage (and the general public sphere) that led to a fall in her personal and campaign popularity. First was the incident with Pete Buttigieg, during the December democratic debate. Warren brought attention to the Buttigieg campaign’s fund raising method (The Wine Cave moment) and accused him implicitly of selling access to his campaign because he accepted donations from high income individuals. This backfired disastrously for Warren because she herself transferred money from previous campaigns that did the same thing she was accusing Mayor Pete of. Warren is also a multi millionaire which Mayor Pete is not. However, Warren chose to double down at each counter point by Mayor Pete. The Transcript of the interaction will be attached as a comment so that the reader can understand…