Super Tuesday — Mike Bloomberg Is Out

Abhinav Dholepat
3 min readMar 4, 2020

Its All In On Joe Now

Biden and Sanders on the Debate Stage

Super Tuesday brought about surprising developments. Although sanders was projected to win big on super Tuesday, late endorsements combined with the dropping out Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar allowed Joe Biden carry a late surprise momentum to win big in the super Tuesday states. In just the past four days, Joe Biden has managed to gain 30+ endorsements from local congressmen and women. The most important however, came today in Mike Bloomberg, who after a dismal performance (in proportion to his spending) has quit and endorsed Joe Biden.

Bloomberg quits and endorses Biden Via Twitter

However, a Bloomberg endorsement does not simply mean an endorsement. If Bloomberg is serious about his spending and backing the nominee, then Joe Biden can be very confident in the outcome of this nomination process. Bloomberg has managed to organise and hire staff across the United States like no other candidate. He has hired about 2 400 paid staff members, paid them premium salaries and offered luxurious perks. According to Julia Marsh of the New York Post,

“Bloomberg is paying state press secretaries $10,000 a month, compared to the average going rate of $4,500 for other candidates and state political directors are making $12,000 a month, more than some senior campaign advisers earn, sources said.

National political director Carlos Sanchez pulls in $360,000 a year. Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s political director, made $240,000 in 2016. Every Bloomberg staffer gets a MacBook Pro and an iPhone 11 on day one. They also enjoy three catered meals daily.”

Hence an endorsement by Mike Bloomberg in the favor of Joe Biden is a huge boost to the Biden campaign. With this endorsement will come organisational support, super PAC money and local campaign staff. In addition, his outspoken commitment to spending vast amounts of money in order to secure the election is a serious force for Bernie Sanders to deal with.

Understandably, Bernie Sanders went of the offensive in his super Tuesday speech stating,

“So we’re going to beat Trump because this will become a contrast in ideas. One of us in this

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