The Republicans Are Forced To Back Trump — Despite Their Personal Preferences

Abhinav Dholepat
3 min readDec 27, 2019
Impeachment Vote Count — US House Of Representatives

It has been a week since Donald Trump became the third president in US history to be impeached by the House of Representatives. However, there still remains deep uncertainty about when the senate trail will commence, and increasingly, if at all a trail will occur in the first place. This is due to one simple fact, the Republicans unlike the Democrats and despite the outward chaotic appearance, are very united.

Ever since the nomination process of Donald Trump to become the Republican Nominee, he spoke and acted in unconventional (to put it lightly) ways. This would, under normal circumstances, deterred anyone’s chance to become a nominee for a major party. However, due to his name recognition and his rhetoric — against a bland republican field — won him the nomination and later the presidency. During this process and while being president, the Republican Party has been inextricably tied to Donald Trump. The 2018 midterm election saw a swing in the independent voters in the favour of the Democrats and a low turn out amongst Republicans caused, amongst other things, the lack of purpose and leadership amongst the Republicans.

With the impeachment process underway, the Republican Party’s political future is tied with that of Donald Trump. If Donald Trump is impeached, then in the eyes of the democrats and some independents, the Republican Party would have become the party that allowed and supported a loud, brash and corrupt individual to become its nominee. On the other hand, for the supports of Trump, the Republican Party would have become the party that abandoned their president. This is a loose-loose scenario for the Republican Party. If Trump is impeached, then the Republican Party would have to rebuild from within. This would mean that the probability that Democrats gain and maintain power would increase.

Trump understands this. This is way, the notoriously hubristic Trump has subtly allowed Mitch McConnell to be in charge of the impeachment process. He told reporters,

“Ultimately that decision is going to be made by Mitch McConnell, and he will make it — he has the right to do whatever he wants; he’s the head of the Senate”

A Gallop Poll On Impeachment

Among the public, polls shows that support for impeachment is slowly decreasing with the public divided, almost equally, on impeachment. The Republicans, hence, cannot risk being divided on impeachment. For the Democrats on the other hand, are relatively unaffected by the process as they can claim that they did what they could. One thing remains certain, the real impeachment or lack thereof, will occur based on how the public votes in the 2020 presidential election.